Welcome to Kastani Home Accommodation on the island of Kihnu, which is known for its picturesque natural setting and local culture. Kihnu Cultural Space was included in UNESCO's list of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Our accommodation is an oasis of peace and tranquility, situated close to the coastline (just 500m walk until you arrive at the wonderful private beach) and is an ideal place to enjoy your holiday with family or friends. Kastani home accommodation comfortably accommodates up to 27 people and for the children we can offer extra beds. 

We have two different saunas to offer to our customers which we are happy to heat up for our guests. Your are welcome to try the unique sauna, built in an old fishing boat which brought tons of herring from the Gulf of Riga years ago, but has now been rebuilt into an exclusive sauna. In the grill house you can cook your own food or order a special and memorable meal from Kihnu Gurmee, where you will also be served something delicious made from seal meat. Eating seal meat is an ancient custom of the people of Kihnu, who believe that he who eats seal meat once a year will stay healthy all year round. 

The most unique "mountainous" courtyard on the island, where the children of the island were able to slide on snow in winter and during the summertime it is just extra fun and challenging to play petanque :) In our yard it is also nice to just lie on the lawn and have a picnic or listen to the adventurous stories of a real seal hunter and fisherman. 

Come and enjoy the Kihnu kind of hospitality in Kastani accommodation! 

In Kastani, you will collect the most beautiful memories of your summer